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Event Planner

Email: Or call toll free: 1.877.HOWLING


Number of rooms to be used:

Evening Entertainment

Unlike other companies we offer your events gala evening FREE Backline if needed so that your entertainment is up and running on time. We call it “Plug & Play”. Feel free to print off Backline Inventory List and forward it’s to talent agency for review.

Ask agency to send back to:

Main Stage - Standards

We supply beautiful black velvet draping for backdrop, LED uplighting displaying stunning colors,and stage lighting to light up your MC/Presenter for every main plenary. If you look good, we look good!

Type of Microphone:

Sound Re-Enforcement

Room Sound May Not Be Available Or Adequate

(Number Of Attendees Helps Us Determine Size Of Sound Re-Enforcement Needed)

Recording Needed

Technical Support

Main Plenary - 1 or more techs supplied as needed (depends on job roles eg. Cameras, additional
lighting etc.
Breakout rooms- Rule of thumb for larger events is 1 tech per 2 breakout rooms

Pipe & Drape

(Room dividers, coat check areas, storage areas)

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